We recommend you,,es,Wear comfortable clothes,,es,Practice with light stomach (Digestion Done),,es,To be on time,,es,Cost per CLASS $ 75 PESOS,,es,Class Packages,,es,with 2 MONTHS VALIDITY you can take the class you want,,es,300 Pesos 5 Classes,,es,500 Pesos 10 Classes,,es,900 Pesos 20 Classes * New Package,,es,Practice yoga,,es,next,,en,previous,,en,My first,,es,Yoga mat (By Vanessa Santos),,es,Control stress through your diet,,es,SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE,,es,by Viri Dominguez,,pt,Prayer to my WOMAN by Tej,,es,Edit Page,,en,Hours and Costs | Shaktipat Inspire to you inspire the world,,es

  • Llevar Ropa Cómoda
  • Prácticar con el estomago ligero (Digestión Hecha)
  • Ser Puntual

Practicar YOGA

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